Panoramic Videos, Direct Download

The preferred access to our demonstration and training videos is via our YouTube channel:

However, some customers are not able to access YouTube, and so we have also posted the videos here.

TRIG - 50X Faster Rigorous EUV simulation
PanSIA: SEM Image Analyzer #1
PanSIA: SEM Image Analyzer #2
SEM image simulation

HyperLith Tutorial #1 - Getting Started

HyperLith Tutorial #2 - Yellow Fields, Formulas, Variables, Batching

HyperLith Tutorial #3 - Multiple Variables, Plotting

HyperLith Tutorial #4 - Biasing a Line Through Pitch

HyperLith Tutorial #5 - Importing GDS Layout

HyperLith Tutorial #6 - Multiple Sites in a GDS Layout

HyperLith Tutorial #7 - Customizing the Mask Technology to simulate quad-layer EUV Multi-layer mirror

HyperLith Tutorial #8 - BARC Optimization with the Standing Wave Metric
    Part 1 Computing the standing wave metric
    Part 2 Verification that minimum standing wave metric is best

HyperLith Feature:  EUV Rigorous OPC and Source Optimization (new!)

SOAPI example:  Creating a data series with the API

HyperLith Application:  Iso-focal CD vs acid and base diffusion

HyperLith Feature:   K-Space View 3D

SOAPI example: Setting the source pupil map intensity with the API

SOAPI feature:  getting the raw data in column format in MATLAB/Octave

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